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Device Settings

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In: Digital skills

What you’ll learn...

  • How to open the Device Settings on your Android
    or iOS device
  • How to adjust the brightness on your device
  • How to make the text larger on your device
  • How to adjust the volume on your device
  • How to turn on vibrating alerts on your device

Course description

This course has lessons and activities to help you learn how to adjust the settings on an Android or iOS device. The device settings allow you to change how your device looks and sounds so that it is easier to use. You can change many things such as the brightness, text size, speaker volume and vibrating alerts.

Do you want to read a PDF of this lesson plan? You can download the lesson for Android devices, or download the lesson for iOS devices.

In this course, we’ll:

  • Open device settings on your device
  • Adjust the brightness of the screen
  • Adjust the text size
  • Adjust the volume of the ringtone or other alerts
  • Turn on vibrating alerts

This course is made possible through a collaboration with Youth Empowering Parents. This project has been partly funded by the Government of Canada through the Digital Literacy Exchange Program. To learn more about the program, please visit the ABC Connect for Learning website.

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