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Guide to Voting

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In: Civic skills

What you’ll learn...

  • What civic literacy is
  • What issues are most important to you
  • Who your Member of Parliament (MP) is
  • What identification (ID) you need to vote
  • What it’s like to vote at a polling station

Course description

This course has activities to help you understand important ideas about elections and how voting works. These activities are part of the Guide to Voting workbook and will help you develop your civic literacy skills.

Do you want to learn more about voting? Check out the Guide to Voting workbook for more lessons, including how to register to vote.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this course. We’ll use activities to:

  • Learn about civic literacy
  • Think about why political issues are important
  • Get your ID ready
  • Learn what it’s like to vote at a polling station

This course is made possible through the generous support of Elections Canada. To learn more about the program, please visit the Civic Voting website.

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