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Understanding social cues

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In: Work skills

What you’ll learn...

  • What social cues are
  • Why understanding social cues is important
  • How to recognize different types of social cues

Course description

This course is about communication and understanding social cues. Communication means sharing information, ideas, and feelings. When we communicate with others, we give and we receive information. Social cues are ways to communicate without using words.

This course has been written for people with diverse abilities as part of the UP Skills for Work program. UP Skills for Work is a program that helps you build skills for learning, work, and life. When you have these skills, you have the foundation you need to work well with others—at work, at home, and in your community.

There are two courses in the UP Skills for Work program that have been written for people with diverse abilities: Understanding social cues and Self-regulation. You can also learn more about improving these skills in our Communication and Adaptability courses.

This course is made possible through the generous support of Canada Life, the founding sponsor of UP Skills for Work. To learn more about the program, please visit the UP Skills for Work website.

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